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Ask Jo I didnt get my first preference and am enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts but I really want to be a secondary school teacher. What do I do

Ask Jo I didnt get my first preference and am enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts but I really want to be a secondary school teacher. What do I do I didnt get my first preference and am enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts but I really want to be a secondary school teacher. What do I do?Posted March 1, 2013, by Career FAQs team I didnt get my first preference and am enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts but I really want to be a secondary school teacher. What do I do? Anne, 18, Melbourne The most important thing to tell you is that there are different ways to qualify as a secondary teacher. The first option is to complete a bachelor degree followed by a one- or two-year postgraduate teacher education program. The other option is to complete a four-year undergraduate teacher education degree this is a double degree program where you study two degrees at the saatkorn time, for example, a Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts. The great news for you is that you have options. You could complete your B achelor of Arts and then complete a postgraduate education program or you could look at transferring to a double degree program. Either way, your studies this year are not a waste You are lucky that you asked this question now and didnt wait to the end of your degree. When you work as a secondary teacher you need to teach specific subjects, which are known as your teaching methods. This means you can plan your studies around the subjects you want to teach. A very important document for you to look at is the Victorian Institute of Teachings Specialist Area Guidelines, which describes the specific subjects you need to take to teach each method. Given that you live in Victoria, you should also look at the Department of Educations How to Get Qualified.If you are thinking of studying interstate then go to the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadershipwebsite and this will point you in the right direction. Make sure you also have a look at the course options available onlin e. Career FAQs offers a range of online education coursesfor both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching qualifications. Jo Messer is a Career Development Specialist who has many years of experience in supporting and guiding students and graduates of some of Australias most respected universities, as well as mature-aged clients, across all facets of their career. She is a Professional Member of CDAA and an active member of NAGCAS. Whether you have a specific question about how to achieve your career goal or something more general, Jo is available to provide you with up-to-date advice. Bachelor of ArtsStudy modeOn CampusPayment optionsHECS-HELPUpfront paymentCourse guide+ FREE eBrochureEnquire zugnglich Bachelor of Arts (Arts Management)Enquire Online Enquire OnlineBachelor of Contemporary ArtsEnquire Online Enquire OnlineGraduate Certificate of Development and Humanitarian ActionEnquire Online Enquire OnlineBachelor of Health Sciences/Bachelor of ArtsEnquire Online Enquire OnlineC areer FAQs teamRelated ArticlesBrowse moreWORKFORCE TRENDSTrustworthy and open managers are most valuedTrustworthiness and openness are now seen as the most important characteristics of a good manager, according to the latest L.E.A.D. (Leadership, Employment and Direction) Survey.Online studyStudy tipsStudying Online V On Campus - We break down the pros and cons of eachThe great debate of online V on campus study is once again on. When studying, one of the biggest choices you have to make is which study mode to adopt. Were here to help and have broken down the pros and cons of eachWorkplace cultureBuzzwords thinking outside the boxChange management. 360-degree review. KPIs. ROIs. WTF? Jargon is unavoidable, but you dont have to remain in the dark. Our series on buzzwords kicks off with the perennial offender thinking outside the box.

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Dream Companies to Work for (Literally)

Dream Companies to Work for (Literally)Dream Companies to Work for (Literally)Weve heard sleep leads to more productive days, which translates to better workweeks. A paper published in 2016 by the University of California, San Diego found that an individual who slept just one additional hour per week would experience an increase in wages by 1.3 percent in the short-term and 5 percent in the long-term. Thus, more sleep equals more money.From sleep-tracking apps to single mattress companies, the sleep industry has experienced an awakening throughout the past decade. Since 2008, the industry has steadily grown by over 8 percent annually, generating over $35 billion annually. Because 3 out of 4 Americans search online for advice on how to get a better nights sleep, the business will definitely not be snoozing anytime soon.Weve rounded up five companies changing the sleep industry. Now, this is what dreams are made of.1. CasperThe $14 billion mattress industry welches competitive, old-sch ool, and pricey before Casper pinpointed a way to reinvent the wheel. With a confusing and inconsistent choice of mattresses available to consumers, Casper invented the single-model, easy-to-ship mattress and let customers try it out for 100 days before deciding to change their mind.With scientific proof that the more options a customer has, the harder the choice becomes, Casper took out the hard work altogether. Instead of putting the power in mattress companies and sales associates nationwide, Casper handed that over to their consumer, claiming the one product they provided would work for everyone. It was confident and fun (just look at their advertising).And it worked The startup became a $100 million dollar company in its first two years. Casper has also expanded to sell a single frame, mattress protector, pillow, set of sheets, and dog mattress. The companys careful and meticulous product creation has earned them a place on Times Best Inventions of 2015, a Big Innovation Award in 2016, and a ranking from Fast Company as one of 2017s fruchtwein Innovative Companies.2.Boll BranchFounded in 2014 by a couple who didnt understand why bedding companies didnt disclose information about the quality or sourcing of the sheets, Scott and Missy Tannen took it upon themselves to create a product that they were initially looking for. Since then, the startup bedding company has taken the $22 billion home textiles industry by storm. Boll Branch supports 836 farmers and families in over 105 fair trade and organic farms in India. Their 250 million workers are guaranteed ethical working conditions, and they maintain sustainable practices. Now, thats a feel good, inside and out product if weve ever seen one.3. BedditPerhaps the premier sleep tracking app, Beddit emerged from a digital health boom where annual funding is in the billions. Founded in 2006 by former triathlete Lasse Leppkorpi, Beddit didnt get its first pre-orders until raising $500k from Indie GoGo. Since 201 3, Beddit has evolved into its third generation, tracking everything from the number of minutes you snore per night to the best temperature for your optimal sleep.The light and high-tech sleeping pad targeted problems of the 50 percent of Americans who do not get a good nights sleep. With the worst stats in the industrialized world, it isnt a surprise that Beddit is consistently sold out. Beddits ability to pinpoint what might be going wrong during your slumber and ability to offer individual solutions might just improve the health and productivity of half of America.4. HushFor those of us who have felt the dilemma of whether to silence a phone or not when going to sleep are in for a treat. Hush, the worlds first smart earplugs, bring this dilemma to a close, along with other worries, like calling the police on loud neighbors or sleeping in a separate room from your snoring bed companion. The light earplugs are connected to your phone and control when you wake up and what sound that will be, but they silence everything in between besides emergency phone calls. The earplugs drown out your snoring partner or loud neighborhood party and replace it with soothing sounds, which include everything from white noise to rainfall. Founded by Daniel Lee and Daniel Lee in 2014, the company raised $1 million from investors and $600k from Kickstarter and had 8,000 units pre-ordered.5. LeachcoAll the gadgets and gizmos cant help anyone sleep well if the person is sleeping in the wrong position, which is more complicated than you might think. Side sleepers need their legs to be supported to create alignment, stomach sleepers flatten the spinal curve and strain the neck, back sleepers are much more likely to develop sleep apnea, and the list goes on. Body pillows target pressure points for relief, limit the ability to toss and turn, target the emotional benefit of hugging, and align your posture during sleep. So, its no wonder that physicians wanted to have some say in how to m ake the best body pillow. Leachco began in 1988 when mom Jamie created a device from a towel, dental floss, and tape to keep her toddler secure in high chairs. Since then, the company has evolved and perfected large pillows, especially the All Night Total Body Pillow.6.Genesis LED LampPerhaps the first 24 hour lightbulb is shedding some light on what natural sleep could mean for the future. The lamp alters its light according to circadian needs, swapping in bright light during the morning for a low, moonlight beam at night. Founder Fred Maxik says the light allows us to do things we think are useful- and maybe still go to sleep. Instead of relying on the blue wavelengths emitting from our phones, using just the LED lamp would trigger our natural response to what happens after a sunset, and might even allow a more restful sleep. This company that has gotten approval by everyone from NASA astronauts to soldiers in Afghanistan, so you know theyre doing something right.

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Important Social Media Skills That Employers Value

Important Social Media Skills That Employers ValueImportant Social Media Skills That Employers ValueThe demand for social media managers is growing, as fruchtwein companies have a strong social media presence these days. SCORE reports that77% of small businesses use social mediafor sales, marketing, and public relations. Many organizations hire social media managers to shape their social media strategy, create and post material, as well as measure its impact. Even if youre not looking for a job with social media in the title, you might find that these skills will come in handy during your job hunt. Many 21stcentury marketing jobs have a social media component. If youre applying for a job as a marketing director, marketing coordinator, or marketing manager, its likely that youll need to at least understand how social media works as parte of an overall marketing strategy. Here are some essential skills you need to be an excellent social media manager in a growing and exciting career fi eld. If youre in the process of trying to build up your careers as a social media manager, be sure to incorporate these skills into your resume, and use them to increase your appeal during interviews. What Kind of Skills Do You Need to Be a Social Media Manager? Social media managers and other professionals in this field use various platforms to communicate with the public, including Twitter, Instagram Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. They run their organizations social media accounts, developing an online presence and building a brands reputation. A combination of hard and soft skills is required to be successful in this field. Being technologically savvy will get you far, but there are many professionals who strictly focus on content creation. If you are in the latter field, being a strong writer and understanding the language that appeals to your target audience are essential. A bachelors degree is typically required for a social media manager position. Relevant majors incl ude journalism, communications, marketing, and business. Types of Social Media Skills Writing Most social media posts include text, and many are text-based. That means that, for your posts to be effective, your text has to be worth reading - clear, engaging, and on-message. Part ofwriting good copyis simply the craft of putting words together grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Theres also the aspect of understanding a companys voice and employing that with consistency, intelligence, and sometimes with humor. Ad CampaignsAuthenticityBloggingContentCreative ThinkingCritical ThinkingEditingEditorialEmail MarketingGood GrammarHumorPersonal BrandingSentence StructureSocial Media MarketingSocial PublishingTypepadTumblrTwitterWide VocabularyWittyWritten Communication Design While most social media posts include text, images and video are becoming increasingly popular. Even text has a visual element for many platforms, since you can choose color, size, font, alignment, and in s ome cases, youll want to include emoji or other symbols. Designing these elements well will make the visual dimension of your posts clearer, more engaging, and more effective. Adobe AcrobatAudience DevelopmentBrandingCampaign CreationCommunity BuildingContent MarketingContent StrategyCreativityDetail OrientedDigitalDigital MarketingFacebook AdsGoogle AdsGraphic DesignImage CreationImage EditingImage ManagementMarketingMedia CreationMedia ImplementationPhoto EditingPinterestStyleVideoVideo EditingWeb MarketingWordPressYouTube Advertising Public Speaking Public speaking on social media? Yes, indeed Video, especially live video, is one of the best ways to engage your audience. And if youre going to star in your video, you are going to have to be comfortable and well-presented in the public eye. Heres a list ofpublic speaking skillsyou may need. CommunicationEntrepreneurshipFilming EquipmentInterpersonalLeading TeamsListeningMotivationOral CommunicationPassionPodcastingPresentationY ouTube Customer Service Social media is not just a way to get your message out, it is also a way to listen. You can use these channels to engage in dialogue, receive feedback, and address concerns. If you work for a business, this type of work falls mostly under the heading ofcustomer service. Another way to describe this part of the role could be community engagement. In either case, to do it well, you have to be open-minded, diligent, and genuinely interested in what your visitors and customers have to say to you through social media. CommunitiesCustomer RelationsEngagementFacebook EngagementGenerate InterestIncrease EngagementNetworkingNingRelationship BuildingResponsiveSocial SharingUser Engagement Analytics Social media services provide a variety of ways to measure the performance of your posts and tweets. From public information such as shares, likes, plays, and comments to private information that only you can see, these metrics help you find out what works best for y our message. With this insight, you can tweak your topics, format, and even times of day work to maximize impact. Bear in mind, though, that the numbers dont tell the whole story. To make sense of the picture, you must also know a bit about behavioral psychology, so you can make good guesses about why a tweet or a post is doing well, and adjust your social media use accordingly. AnalyticsBudgetingCampaign TrackingCompetitive AnalysisData AnalysisData AnalyticsEmerging TrendsFacebook InsightsGoogle AnalyticsKeyword AnalysisMetricsMonitoring Public UsageRankingReportingResearchSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)SEO Best PracticesSocial Media MonitoringTrackingTrend SpottingTrend SettingTrendsTrending TopicsViral Potential More Social Media Skills Strategic Brand AwarenessBrand MarketingCampaign ManagementCommunity ManagementContent DistributionDirecting TrafficExecutionIdentifying ProblemsOptimizationPlanningProblem SolvingResearchSourcingTime ManagementStrategic PlanningStrategic Vi sion Business Savvy Best PracticesBufferContent DistributionContent ManagementContent Management Systems (CMS)Digital MediaEthicsFeedBlitzFlickrHootSuiteHTMLInstagramLinkedInManagementMobileOrganizationPay Per Click (PPC)PitchEngineProduct ManagementProject ManagementRedditSix ApartSharing ContentTechnologyTwitter Ads How to Make Your Skills Stand Out INCLUDE YOUR MOST RELEVANT SKILLS ON YOUR RESUME Best practices are to use industry-specific lists such as this one to help you fill out your resume effectively. pick a few from each section to show that you are well-rounded.HIGHLIGHT YOUR SKILLS IN YOUR COVER LETTER Use your titelseite letter to show the hiring manager thatyoure a strong match for the jobby mentioning how your qualifications fit the job requirements.USE SKILL WORDS DURING JOB INTERVIEWS You can also use these words in your jobinterviews. Share examples of your social media successes during the interview. Expand

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When to Use a Resume Template

When to Use a Resume TemplateWhen to Use a Resume TemplateThe cookie-cutter approach is handy to create an initial resume draft, but beware hiring professionals can spot a cut-and-paste resume job a mile away.Ready-made resumes You can get them free from Google Docs and theyre included in major word processors such as Microsoft Word and Apple Pages. You cant argue with the free part. So why would anybody spend three figures on a professional resume makeover?Predictably enough, professional resume writers have a bevy of reasons why job seekers should avoid the cookie-cutter approach of a resume schablone, and one resume template vendor who spoke to Ladders even agreed with their rationale. But on analysis, its easy to see that both resume templates and the professional resume writers individualized attention are both crucial tools in a job seekers arsenal. First, the reasons why you shouldnt rely solely on a resume templateTemplates shout, I took a shortcutExecutive recruiters and hir ing managers are all too familiar with the look of resume templates and resume-template services, said Barbara Safani, the owner of Career Solvers a New York career-management firm. They are easy to spot by hiring managers, and it is pretty easy to figure out you took a shortcut, she said. Thats not exactly the image you want to convey to hiring managers. The last place you want to look like everyone else, she said, is in a job search where youre trying to stand out from the crowd.Templates are easy to spot because many use outdated formats, styles and hackneyed and clichd phrases that convey personal attributes without proving impact, Safani said.Theyre also readily identifiable because so many people use them. Google, for example, has many different resume templates. But if youre a hiring professional who looks at resumes frequently, youll quickly begin to see that many submitted resumes have the saatkorn format, with the same positioning of content, the same graphical embellishme nts and the same fonts.For example, two career management professionals interviewed for this article pointed to the same Microsoft Word template that displays the persons name in large type, then switches to a tiny, barely legible 8-point type size for the contact information.The persons name will be 36 or 72 points, and their phone number will be microscopically small, which is stupid because most people in human resources (HR) are 40 years old or older and wont be able to read it without glasses, said Shel Horowitz, the author of books on do-it-yourself marketing.People were using it because it was a template Microsoft had, Safani said of the same example. It was obviously a template because you received 40 resumes that looked the same. Even if youre only somebody who filled a job once every 10 years, they could still tell the person was using a template if 40 resumes looked the same.It says that job seeker isnt creative enough to present their information in a compelling way, sai d Safani. Its not a good strategy in a situation where youre trying to make yourself look different than everybody else.The difficulty of selling yourselfBeyond portraying job seekers as unimaginative and lazy, relying on resume templates also deprives job seekers of the objective view of a professional trained to hone in on their strengths. Horowitz said fewer than 5 percent of the resumes she sees properly highlight the subjects strengths.Its like having a professional do your taxes, she said they have the expertise to know what to look for. An expert will see very quickly, ?Oh, this thing you briefly mention here Lets talk about that That could be big, that could get you the job, she said. Or, ?This other thing youre giving weight to is not doing you a favor. Or, ?This language is not believable with your job title. Those are issues Ive seen with self-written resumes.When to use a templateSusan Ireland is a resume writer and author of The Complete Idiots Guide to the Perfect Res ume. She also sells resume templates online starting at $24.95 at Ready-Made Resumes. In spite of that, Ireland highly recommends using the services of a professional resume writer.Distilling everything you know about yourself into a single document can be overwhelming, she said.If youre working with someone whos objective who can ask probing questions, the distilling, the finding of the essence, is the task of the resume writer, she said.So why would anybody use a resume template? First and foremost, Ireland said, the formatting has already been done. If you dont want to start with a leer page, which is overwhelming, and you want to start with something that you go in and replace with your own wording, thats one load off your shoulders, she said.And after all, how bad can templates be, given that professional resume writers themselves use them? I can assure you that professional resume writers are using resume-writing templates, Ireland said. Theyre not starting with a blank sheet of paper every time.Professional resume writers, however, are experts at using Microsoft Word to add touches here and there, whether its lines or shadings or whatever, she said. Professional resume writers are sharing their tools with job seekers so they can use the resume templates, where indenting is already done, or where there might be bold formatting.Ireland compares templates not to cheating but instead to using a tool, just like youd use your computer.Professional resume writers recommend job seekers use templates as a tool to set up an initial resume that they can then share with a certified professional resume writer who can apply his objective expertise.

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How to Write a Thank You Note to a Customer

How to Write a Thank You Note to a CustomerHow to Write a Thank You Note to a CustomerSaying thank you is incredibly important in sales because the first thing you must sell is yourself. You cant sell your product orservice until youve demonstrated that you are someone the prospect wants to do business with. Thank-You Shows Your Good Style The age-old adage, good manners never goes out of style, is more than an adage, its a universal truth. Sending thank-you notes can have a huge impact on how others think of you because it shows that you not only appreciated what that person did, you also took the time to tell them so. A thank you note doesnt have to be elaborate or written on pricey letterpress paper. Usually, two or three sentences isgood enough and can be sent electronically or, even more thoughtfully, sent by mail, which will especially make it stand out. Because saying thank you should be standard practice for you, youll save time if you tischset up a few basic templates to address different situations and keep them handy. After ?Setting an Appointment Over the Phone Thank you for taking the time to talk with me on the phone yesterday, especially because I know how busy as you are. I look forward to our meeting next Tuesday at 10 AM and promise to take up no more than 15 minutes of your time. After an Appointment When the Prospect Didnt Buy Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you about my companys product/service. When you need a new insert product/service here, I hope you will keep me in mind and afford me the opportunity to provide you with excellent service. After an Appointment When the Prospect Did Buy Thank you for giving me the opportunity to offer you one of my companys exceptional products/services. I am certain you will benefit from our new relationship. If you have any questions about your insert product/service here, please dont hesitate to contact me immediately. After Someone Gives You a ?Referral Thank you fo r referring insert referral name here to me yesterday. I appreciate you thinking of me and I can assure you that I will provide him/her with the highest quality of service possible. After a Prospect Gives You a Final No Thank you for taking the time to consider my companys product/service. I regret that we were not able to meet your current needs. Please feel free to call me if your situation changes at any point in the future or if you have any questions. I will keep in touch with any updates, as I hope that we will be able to do business together at some point in the future. After an ?Existing CustomerBuys Again Thank you for giving me the opportunity to once again serve you. I trust that we have continued to meet our standards for exceptional service. However, should you have any difficulties at all with your insert product/service here, please contact me immediately so that I can assist you. On a Customers Anniversary I am writing to thank you once again for being on e of our valued customers. We frequently update our product offerings, so I encourage you to let me know if you have any questions about your insert product/service here. If you would like to know about our recent updates, please give me a call.

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Learned helplessness is the psychological reason you are stuck in a bad situation

Learned helplessness is the psychological reason you are stuck in a bad situationLearned helplessness is the psychological reason you are stuck in a bad situationHave you ever felt powerless to the point that you pretty much give up and stop trying to change your circumstances?If youve ever convinced yourself that everything wrong with your life is doomed to repeat itself, or you will screw up again no matter what you do, you experienced learned helplessness.According toresearch, when you learn over time that you have no control over your life or career, no matter what you do, you are likely to give up or pursue anything that may be even good for you.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moraIts the reason fruchtwein people are stuck and unhappy in life.People who perceive events as uncontrollable can show a variety of symptoms that threaten their mental well-being. They experience stress , depression, disruption of emotions, and passivity in life. They are less likely to change unhealthy habits because they feel everything is out of their control.If youve consistently failed at losing weight through diets and exercise routines, you will probably begin to think that you will never lose weight, no matter what you do.This thinking pattern has a powerful psychological impact and sometimes continue to affect people even long after they have stopped experiencing initial negative behavior.Learned helplessnessis the concept based on the idea that human behavior is learned via associations and responses. It keeps people in bad careers, poor health, and terrible relationships despite how easy it may be to escape. Simply put If something is reinforced/rewarded, we are mora likely to repeat that behavior again. And likewise, if we are punished, were more likely to avoid that same behavior in the future,explainsPsychology Compass.Common symptoms of learned helplessness include l ow self-esteem, poor motivation, lack of effort, frustration, and procrastination.Learned helplessness is a mindset that was discovered by psychologists Martin Seligman and Steven F. Maier. They observed the behavior in both humans and animals.In theirstudy, they found that those who have experienced depression in the past are more likely to accept depression in their future and therefore less likely to attempt change. The same holds true for individuals in domestic violence situations. Those who have been unable to escape violent situations in their homes are much more likely to refuse help and accept future violence as inescapable. This is true even when presented with real options to avoid future violence.Many similar studies have also found that a persons perception of control has everything to do with how likely they are to quit bad behaviour.The psychologists also found that even when you are told there is nothing you can do about any situation, you are more likely to not try or to try less diligently than those who are not given this advice (Maier Seligman, 1975).People who suffer from chronic health conditions are more likely to develop a feeling of helplessness, due to their inability to take action which improves their condition.The researchers also noticed that the more you witness failure either in yourself or others, the less likely you are to attempt change, even if the situation changes dramatically.Perception was key in their findings.The phenomenon was reliably strong, reliably broad (that is, transferred from one situation to another), and reliably difficult to change once it set in. It was motivational (you no longer even try), emotional (you whimper and grow resigned), and cognitive (you generalize one experience to apply to a broader existence),writesMaria Konnikova of The New Yorker.Learned helplessness is the reason many people feel like they cant control the forces affecting their fate. Once they convinced themselves of this false perc eption, they stop taking action, they choose to stay in the same negative situation which then affects their happiness and overall well-being.They continue to make choices (even small one) in life that hold them back. The crushing weight of helplessness makes them lose hope and stop living. Life, to someone with learned helplessness, becomes meaningless.If you feel like you arent in control of your destiny, you will give up and accept whatever situation you are in.The real truth is, your ability to choose can only be forgotten. It cannot be taken away. Greg McKeown could not have said that any better.In all situations in life, you must fight back your behavior, or learn to fail with pride and keep going. Failing is not an end in itself. Its a detour.Remember, progress is not linear.Everything many seem harder if you fail, but there is always a way out. Success requires persistence, the ability to not give up in the face of failure.Overcoming learned helplessness comes down to differ ences in optimism vs. pessimism. Pessimistic labels lead to passivity, whereas optimistic ones lead to attempts to change, says Martin E.P. Seligman.Pessimistic prophecies are self-fulfilling, he writes.Accordingly, in order to avoid acquiring learned helplessness, you want to change the way in which you view your successes and failures in life. Specifically, you should strive to frame your failures as external, specific, and unstable, and to frame your successes as internal, general, and stable,saysEffectiviology.Learning how to break bad habits is an important part of overcoming learned helplessness. Psychologists believe that you can change learned helplessness behavior by changing the way you look at the causes of events in your life.Take thissurveyadapted from Dr. Seligmans book, Learned Optimism How to Change Your Mind and Your Life, to find out your perception about life.Key takeawayLearned helplessness is a dangerous state of mind for anyone. It can be detrimental to your me ntal health, emotional wellbeing, and self-care.But anyone can break an Igive-up habit, develop a more constructive explanatory style for interpreting any behavior, and experience the benefits of a more positive outlook in life. Learn to dispute the automatic helplessness thoughts by convincing yourself with contrary evidence.While you cant control your experiences, you can control your explanations, Martin E.P. Seligman argues.Learned optimism can help avoid stress, build better habits, boost your immune system, and eventually make you happier.This article first appeared on Medium.

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Reported News on Objective Statement Resume Discovered

Reported News on Objective Statement Resume Discovered The True Meaning of Objective Statement Resume It is possible to also take a look at Professional Summary for Resume. You are able to also Simple Resume Template. Writing objectives for resumes can be hard. There are various Resume Career Objectives on the site, and youre able to check them out. In summary, the objective promotes your career in the correct direction. Theres a long field of career objective examples that can be put in on entry level resumes. A resume objective might also incorporate where youve been, and where you would like to go in your career. When you make an application for a particular job, you ought to be specific with the objective. As stated previously will have to choose skills that have some relevance to the job that youre applying for. When youre crafting your resume objective, you should concentrate on particular abilities and experiences which are directly associated with the job. Skills There are skills a provider is searching for in a manager and theyre often posted in the work description. The Basics of Objective Statement Resume You want to not just catch the hiring managers eyeyou must make sure they look over your statement and say Whew A work description tells the particulars of the job and whats expected of the employee whos given the specific post. An objective statement is merely too stale and boring to genuinely capture the interest of a hiring manager. When you make an application for a specific job, the resume is to be directed for a particular purpose. Finally, stating an objective is optional, but it might help convince employers that you understand what you want and understand the geschftlicher umgang. A resume lays down every detail about a candidate that may assist the employer afford the decision about hiring or not hiring him. Finally, be certain to compose a new statement for each job you apply for, so the employer sees what makes you a s uperb fit for that particular job. Focus on what you could supply the employer rather than that which you aspire to learn or gain. As mentioned earlier, in the event the work applicant has multiple objectives, then theyre likely to want several versions. A very clear statement about how you are going to utilize your strongest relevant abilities and professional experiences to satisfy the specific role youre applying for 3. Rather than focusing your career objective statement solely on emphasizing your major abilities or strengths, you also need to be specific to the job which youre applying for and furthermore, you should mention what you can do to help the organization or employer. Just about any job would meet up with the objective. Writing an objective resume can be a challenging task while searching for work and being aware of what to include and what not to in your objective resume can produce the job of writing much simpler. Resume objectives can be somewhat controversial . Entry-level objectives can be particularly hard to write as you likely dont have loads of work experience, but you do want to solidify how you know the sort of career youre searching for. For instance, you are applying for five positions, its also advisable to make five objectives customized for every one of the positions. You ought to have five objective statements. Keep it rather straightforward, be specific. Sample resume objectives should be utilised as references, dependent on which you can make your own resumes. What Everybody Dislikes About Objective Statement Resume and Why Without such a section, the possible hiring manager may be left wondering why he or shes reading your resume in any respect. If you opt to go with a paragraph narrative, then your creative writing skills will need to be strong. In case it fails to accomplish this, you will likely not be invited to an interview. Along with the cover letter, resumes are an essential part of any work applicatio n. What to Expect From Objective Statement Resume? There are plenty of resume objective samples on our site which could help you compose a great resume objective and boost your probability of getting hired. By tailoring your objective statement to every position youre applying for, you improve your odds of showing a prospective employer that youre a great match for their needs (and getting hired). Furthermore, you always want your latest work to appear at the peak of the list and your oldest work at the base of your resume. The peak of your resume is prime real estate, and that means you dont squander it by utilizing vague filler material. Be sure that your statement emphasizes what you can do to help the business in addition to what the new position means to you. In your objective statement demonstrate what it is possible to add to the new position and the organization and why youre an excellent fit for your new career. The statement should convey the value youll be bringi ng to the company if youre offered the chance to work with them. Objective Statement The perfect place to let a prospective employer know you are thinking about relocating is in the goal statement, which is typically located close to the peak of your resume. Get the Scoop on Objective Statement Resume Before Youre Too Late A creative problem-solver whos energized by umgang a number of challenges in a fast-paced atmosphere. In various ways, an objective replaces a lot of the detail you would set in your professional experience section. Ever since your objective is strategically placed below your contact info, its the very first thing a hiring manager will see.